Get REAL with Lisa Crown Podcast

Your Body Talks

December 14, 2020

If anyone has had signs, symptoms, pain, discomfort, or down right haven't felt good for a period time or for years, this Podcast is for you. I, myself had experienced all these things for years and chose to ignore it. I have always wanted to do a Podcast to be a voice for others that are not listening to their bodies like me. It wasn't easy to do, so I invited Kim Philia to join me where I got to see her journey of discovery and listening to her body and do all the necessary treatments to feel better and educate herself. She is an inspiration and sheds so much light on what we need to do and focus on what's important and that is you and YOUR body! Listen to the signs, they are talking to you. If you know someone who needs to hear this as well, please send them this podcast. Thank you and enjoy listening to "Your body Talks!"


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