Get REAL with Lisa Crown Podcast

3 reps. 3 missions. 3 GOAL$ HIT!!!!!

October 9, 2021

3 Reps. 3 Missions. 3 GOAL$ HIT!!!!! These 3 rock stars came into coaching with 1 clear GOAL in mind. Hard work, positive mindset, NO EXCUSES, time blocking for their result$, taking risk$, pushing through the non fun stuff, and coming out in the end hitting their BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL!!!!! Hellllll YEAH!!!!!! Please check out this awesome interview with Debbie, Laura and Adrienne, from 3 different states, 3 different goals, 3 different game plans and 3 different achievements. They open up, shoot you straight and they don't hold back! Don't miss this inspiring podcast! Thank you ladies for sharing your brilliance and hard work with us :) Cheers to your SUCCE$$!

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